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Marketing Support

You're so busy in your business that it's impossible to plan ahead and get the space to think as there's so much to get done daily. Think of me as your on-demand marketing manager. I can help

  • create a marketing toolkit of ideas across a range of channels and connect you with like-minded small businesses for mutually beneficial collaborations

  • craft compelling email newsletters to engage customers and prospects

  • enhance online presence through website copywriting

  • create engaging ideas for social media and promotional materials

  • restore calm and order in your workspace by creating organisational systems for products and paperwor

Get in touch if you'd like an extra pair of hands or sounding board to support you as you grow your amazing business.

On-demand assistance when your business needs it

Female Founder Coffee Mornings

Coffee and a chat, change of scene and a chance to catch up on work in a relaxed, stylish setting

If you're a female founder and you'd like a change of scene in the week, join us at my FREE  co-worker coffee mornings, held monthly -just pay for your own drinks.

Get your head down and work or have a chat and make genuine connections with like-minded business owners. No sales pitches or name badges, just a chance to connect and share ideas in a stylish, relaxed setting.

Keep checking this page for upcoming session dates

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